Abeel Ahmed

Mr. Abeel Ahmed

Abeel Ahmed,Founder of Abeel School of Accountancy with 20+ years of teaching expertise in the field of ACCA.
Taught more than 55,000 students, Abeel Ahmed started off his career as a high market concentration teacher for applied skills and professional level and for having the most successful pass rate nationwide as well as global. With multiple world wide and national positions in Highest scores.
Faculty for: Applied Skills PM(F5),TX(F6),FR(F7),FM(F9) Strategic Professional(Essentials) SBR(P2) Strategic Professional (Options) AFM(P4),ATX(P6)


Position Holders

Danish Zafar

Nationwide First (F6)

Zeeshan Saleem

High Marks (F6)

Rida Zehra

Nationwide First (F7)

Ahmad Ali

Worldwide First Position (F9)

Nayab Lakhani

Consecutive First Position (P2)

Hassan Bhagat

Consecutive First Position (P2)

Irej Khan

First Position in KSA (P6)

Haseeb Waheed

First Position in Pakistan (P6)

Laiba Asif

First Position in KSA (P6)

Laiba Asif

First Position in Middle East (P6)

Reem Javed

First Position in KSA (P6)

Shovon Bhowmik

First Position in Bangladesh (P6)

Hania Mubashir

First Position in KSA (P6)

Misbah Zubair Panwala

Worldwide First Position (P4)

Summaya Hanif

Nationwide First Position (P4)

Feizn Abbasi

Consecutive First Position (P4)

Fatima Abbas Kirani

Consecutive First Position (P4)